Meet Our Team


  • Katherine Miller, D.V.M.
    Practice Owner

    Dr. Kathy Miller was born and raised on the Palouse and is very happy to have her family here! She completed her undergraduate career at the University of Idaho and graduated from Washington State University for Veterinary Medicine in 2002. She did move south to attend school, but returned for her husband's job.

    Dr. Miller really enjoys the small town feel of Moscow and Pullman with the strong influence from the universities. She, her husband Jim, and their four children (Zachary, Sydney, Nathaniel, and Brianna) love the plethora of outdoor activities available on the Palouse.

    The greatest influence in Dr. Miller's career would be Dr. & Mrs. Kubasch, who she purchased the practice from!

  • Matthew Mason, D.V.M.

    Dr. Matt Mason grew up in Spokane, Washington and completed his bachelors degree at Whitworth College, majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. He is a 2008 graduate from WSU College of Veterinary Medicine.

    Dr. Mason and his wife Allison are very happy to be raising their two children here. They have a little boy, Zachary, and a daughter, Julianna.

    His greatest passions are spending quality time with his family and volunteering at church. He enjoys outdoor recreational activities, including hiking and fishing. Dr. Mason is an amateur wood worker as well. He enjoys making simple furniture for his home, as well other various wood projects.

    Dr. Mason is passionate about internal medicine cases. It is exciting for him to make a diagnosis and be able to solve problems for his clients and their pets. He really enjoys the clients and the satisfaction he achieves by helping them when they are in need.

Veterinary Assistants

  • Kylee Wiggins, Veterinary Assistant Lead

    Kylee started working at PAWS in December of 2014. She earned her Bachelor's degree in 2014 from the U of I, in Wildlife Resources.  She loves being able to practice high-quality medicine while taking care of people and their pets.  PAWS fosters an environment for education, culture and genuine care for our clients and their animals, which she is very passionate about.  Kylee fosters a lot of animals – through PAWS, Helping Hands Rescue and strays that have a way of finding her. 

    Her permanent pets are her dogs, Boone and Bishop, her cat Bodhi, and her eight ducks: Oregano, Parsley, Dillweed, Lavender, Sage, Basil, Cardamom and Cilantro.  And there is usually a stray or two of some sort, as well.

  • Katie Willoughby, Technician Assistant Lead

    Katie has worked at PAWS since May 2017. She has an AA in Biology from Spokane Community College and a BS in Neuroscience from WSU. Katie loves working at PAWS because advocating for animals has always been her passion. Working at PAWS gives her the chance to be a part of a team that strives to provide the best possible care for our clients and patients. She is surrounded by people who love animals as much as she does!

    Katie has a 13 year old pit bull named Lacey, and a 1 year old Doberman Pinscher named Atlas.

  • Misty Reavis

    Misty has been working at PAWS since December of 2014.  She graduated from Mark Morris High School in Longview, WA and has a BS in Animal Science from WSU.

    Misty loves that there is always something to learn and improve on in regards to patient care in VetMed and she loves that PAWS strives to provide the best patient care on the Palouse.  She loves being able to educate people about pet care and strengthen the human-pet bond.  Working at PAWS has given her this opportunity, helping her grow and become a better person as well.

    Misty and her boyfriend share 2 calico cats (Alice and Joy) and a German Shepherd (Gunner). She enjoys donating plasma with GCAM in Pullman and likes to sing all the time, read books, and watch movies and television shows (I am full of fun facts). Her goal is to become a veterinarian and she is actively working towards that.

  • Maranda Miller

    Maranda Miller has worked for PAWS since July 2017. She earned her Bachelor's in Animal Science from WSU. She loves being around puppies and kittens all day, but she also loves supporting the human-animal bond. She loves educating people on how to best care for their pets, so they can enjoy as much time as possible together!

    She loves the high-quality health care that PAWS provides, as well as being on a team who whole-heartedly is willing to help our patients and clients in any way we can, even if it isn’t directly related to vet med.

    Maranda enjoys spending time with her husband CJ, camping, boating, and watching movies with their fur babies. She has a cat named Ellie and a cat named Gilbert (who she adopted from PAWS!)

Technician Assistants

  • Megan Kerns

    Megan graduated from Potlatch High School in June of 2017 and is currently taking classes through the College of Southern Idaho.  She has been working at PAWS since September of 2017. 

    She absolutely loves the people she works with and getting to be around animals all day long.  No shift is ever the same and there is always something new she learns every day.

    Megan has a black cat named May Bell, a Golden Retriever named Sophie and a Rottweiler mix named Jackson.  She enjoys being outdoors and helping her family on their family farm.

Customer Care Specialists

  • Traci Watson, Administrative Assistant, CCS Lead

    Traci joined the PAWS team in October of 2017.  She is a Moscow native and attended the U of I.  Her favorite part of working at PAWS is interacting with all of the different animals that come through the clinic every day and being on a team committed to providing the best care possible, to both pets and their owners.

    Traci lives in Moscow with her two daughters, their dog Sammy, cat Peaches and ferrets Artemis, Athena and Hercules.  She likes to spend her time away from work with her family and doing anything in the outdoors, reading, creative writing, cooking and travelling.

  • Katelyn Cohee

    Katelyn has been working at PAWS since January of 2015. She loves the high-level of care that each and every PAWS staff member gives towards all pets and owners.  She loves being part of a team that truly shares her love for animals.

    Katelyn has 3 dogs, 2 cats, 3 house rabbits, 1 daughter and a husband.  She loves all animals but has recently found a passion in rabbits.  She enjoys spending time with her family all of her pets - each one with its own unique and huge personality, all of them bringing her great joy.

  • Tara Paterson

    Tara started working at PAWS in August of 2017, just 2 weeks after she and her husband relocated to Moscow from New Jersey.

    As someone who grew up without pets, she has fallen in love with the ability to be surrounded by animals everyday and is very much looking forward to having her own pets in the future.  As one of our Client Care Specialists, she loves working with all of our owners and their pets, providing them with the best care possible.  She enjoys being the voice on the phone or face at the door, often the first person greeting our clients, ensuring every person’s PAWS experience is a positive one.

    Tara is a very talented artist as well, specializing in calligraphy.  She enjoys designing wedding stationary and other hand-lettered items.  Art has been a passion of hers for as long as she can remember.

  • Randi Pollack

    Randi graduated from Potlatch High School in 2008 and has been working at PAWS since December of 2016.  She loves that PAWS makes providing continuing education opportunities for their employees a priority and that it is a very family-oriented business which genuinely cares about its employees, owners and pets.  She considers the PAWS team her second family.

    Randi worked at the Idaho Humane Society in Boise for 3 years.  While there, she volunteered for various Humane Society events, animal fostering, rescue missions and assorted trainings.  She has coordinated a huge yard sale which raised about $800 – of which all funds were donated to the Idaho Humane Society. In October of 2014, she also had the opportunity to work at the Harrisburg, PA Humane Society for 4 months.

    Randi spends her time away from work with her son Chase.  She enjoys spending time with him on their family farm, cleaning, reading books and learning about most everything.

  • Alexis Hazelwood


  • Spencer

    Spencer was found on Spence Road in Moscow by a former PAWS employee. He enjoys taking long leisurely naps in Dr. Miller's office. His favorite part of the day is when the Fed Ex driver stops by. Spencer sits by the door about the same time everyday waiting for a treat from the Fed Ex driver!

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