Welcome to the PAWS Virtual Tour


PAWS has a spacious, comfortable lobby with a wrap around reception area which allow us to assist more than one client at a time. We have a fully stocked Clinic Store that offers a wide variety of products that your pet will benefit from as well as enjoy.

Exam Rooms

We have three large exam rooms which provide a comfortable atmosphere where your pet will have its physical exam.


In addition to various outside labs, PAWS has a full-service laboratory. We are able to perform full blood panels, thyroid tests, urinalysis, fecals, and many more tests that would be needed providing immediate results.

Treatment Area

Our treatment area provides three separate stations allowing our staff room for surgical preparation, dental cleanings, or treatments for more than one patient at a time.

Surgery Suite

Our clinic offers a state of the art surgery suite which allows us to perform soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries. The surgery suite is separated from the doctor scrub area, treatment area, and any patients by sliding glass doors, reducing any chance of contaminating a sterile surgery.

Radiology Area

Quality radiographs are a fundamental diagnostic tool in a veterinarian clinic. We have an on-site X-Ray machine and developer which aids the doctors in diagnosing injuries and illnesses for your pet.

Intensive Care Unit Isolation

Our clinic offers both an Intensive Care Unit and an Isolation Unit which prevent the spread of contagious infections and also provide a quiet environment which is important for recovering.

Boarding Facility

PAWS provides spacious condos for cat boarding. Each condominium has a spacious area for lounging, as well as a private cubby if your feline friend prefers a quieter environment.

Food Room