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Where do I even start? PAWS has been our family vet since it was the Garfield Street Pet Clinic.  They have been with us from through surgeries, mystery illnesses, and ends of life.  A few memories that stand out:

  • Dr. Miller coming to our home to put our elderly cat Wilbur to sleep on our sunny deck early in the morning with birds chirping and cherry blossoms in the breeze.
  • The techs coming in to say goodbye to Shadow and crying with me.
  • Jessie patiently helping Lilo turn into a tame dog with baths and trims, and always telling us she did great, even though we knew Lilo was wretched.
  • Dr. Mason’s expert care of Lilo when she had her spleen removed (and his willingness to listen to and trust me as her advocate).
  • The staff sharing our sorrow when we lost our cat Hercules unexpectedly last spring, and their delight in his adopted successors, Jasper and Murphy.
  • And most recently, their expert care when we boarded Jasper and Murphy so we could leave town for a much needed relaxing weekend on the coast.  The boarding tech didn’t even laugh at me when I came in with armloads of supplies and gave detailed lists of instructions.

PAWS is truly part of our family and we are thankful for them all.
-Sheri, Lilo, Jasper, and Murphy (Shadow, Wilbur, and Hercules), Palouse, WA

“I would like to tell a short story about the sweetest, most lovable cat I’ve ever known and how PAWS and Dr. Mason were there for us when we needed them.  Barney adopted us around 10 years ago.  He started out living in our garage during a winter.  He would come and go at his pleasure – hunting in our hay field and bringing us little treasures to let us know he appreciated us feeding and providing him shelter.  After our house cat passed away, Barney got promoted into the house.

Recently we noticed that Barney wasn’t acting the same as usual.  When he moved, we could tell it was uncomfortable for him.  The ever-present spark in his eyes was dimmer and his coat not quite as shiny as normal.  We took him to PAWS fearing the worst.  Dr. Mason examined Barney and gave us the bad news.  Barney was suffering from kidney failure and there wasn’t anything that could be done for him.  I could tell that Dr. Mason knew he was tearing our hearts out as he explained the situation.  We knew what we had to do for Barney.  As my wife held him in her arms and I placed my hand on his head, Dr. Mason administered the injection and in seconds our sweet Barney peacefully went to sleep in his mommy’s arms as he did every night.  Dr. Mason was so compassionate and gentle with Barney and us.  He really cared about Barney and our feelings.  He knew we were grieving and had very kind and gentle words for us.  I could tell that he hated the situation and wished there had been something he could have done for Barney, but by being strong for us, he let us thank Barney for all his love and affection he so freely gave us and let us say goodbye to him in a peaceful and dignified way.

We really miss our Barney and will never forget him.  We will also never forget the way Dr. Mason and the PAWS staff helped us get through that most difficult part of our lives.  We appreciate them more than they can know. ”   – Ray & Karen – Moscow, ID

“I just wanted to share our great experience with PAWS.  Our poor Bobo had an ouchy the morning of June 9th.  He completely ripped off one of his nails from his back leg.  I rushed him to Moscow, but the clinic I planned on going to was closed, so we drove to Pullman.  We were turned away from THREE vet clinics between both towns, because to them it wasn’t an emergency! (By the way, they didn’t even bother to look and see how bad it was, his foot was covered in blood!)  Finally, I drove back to Moscow. I had no clue what I was going to do.  At this point I was very frustrated and emotionally exhausted.  I was driving through town not knowing what to do when I saw PAWS.  I ran in and asked the receptionist if they could help. The receptionist was so sweet, and said ‘of course bring him right in’!  Everyone was so nice and so loving to my poor baby!  He tends to not like people, so it’s always hard for me to trust people around him because I know it upsets him. The vet and assistant were so sweet, and loved on him, and made sure he was comfortable. It really made me so happy! To make it even better the vet called today to check on him. Of all the vets clinics I’ve ever gone to I’ve never had the vet call later to check on how their patient is doing. That made me so happy! So now I highly recommend PAWS to everyone I know with animals! You’re very reasonably priced, have an amazing staff, and gave him an adorable bandana for being a good boy! Thank you so much!”      –  Erin – Oakesdale, WA 

“PAWS is such a wonderful vet clinic!  It is bright and clean and the office staff are professional, courteous and always pleasant.  We had purchased two kittens last November.  One of the kittens had a disease we were unaware of.  The process of diagnosing, treating what we thought might be wrong and then eventually having to make the choice to have our kitten put to sleep was an agonizing one for us BUT PAWS was our bright spot in the darkness – the vet was so king – so patient – answered all of our questions (and we had a lot since one one knew much about the disease).  When the time came to end our pet’s suffering PAWS staff exuded compassion and allowed our baby to die with dignity and with us loving on him.  We could never thank you enough for all you did for us.  They sent us a little cast of “Decker’s” paw print – I can’t tell you what the tangible reminder of our baby meant – still means to us.  Thank you PAWS.  Our other kitten is our pride and joy and PAWS has treated “Moki” like he was one of the family.  This is the BEST vet clinic on the Palouse”    – Kimberly & Gary – Moscow

While I was going to school at WSU, my boyfriend and I had our English Bulldog “Sulley” come here for all his veterinarian needs.  Jessie was the vet tech that really helped us out a lot! She was really great, as was your entire staff.  We moved from Pullman about two years ago and have had the HARDEST time finding a vet that even comes close to the quality of yours! I wish that we could still use your services, but we are now located in Renton, WA and that would be quite a long drive! I just wanted to let your staff know that they are truly missed!   –  Kayla, Josh, Sulley, & Jeezy – Renton, WA