Pet Health Recommendations

We strive to provide high quality care & make the best recommendations to help your pet live a long, happy life.  The information following is some of the recommendations the doctor may make at your pets visit:

  • Vaccines

Dog Vaccines include: DAPP, Lepto, Rabies, Bordatella and Canine Influenza.

Cat Vaccines include: FVRCP, FeLV and Rabies

  • Parasite Control

Monthly deworming is needed to keep pets healthy as well as to protect adults and children from contracting parasites that cause serious diseases in humans.

  • Lab Work

Annual bloodwork with a urinalysis is needed to screen for underlying diseases.  Early detection allows correction or management of most diseases.  Every six month evaluations are recommended for animals with on-going medications such as thyroid medications, seizure medications, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory, and heart medications.

  • Oral Health

Annual dental cleanings will reduce the risk of liver, kidney and heart disease.  Regular dental cleanings also result in markedly less medical bills over the lifetime of your pet.  Some smaller breeds will require a cleaning every six months.

  • Skin/Ear Care

Fatty Acid(Omega 3) Supplements can improve skin & coat heath as well as cardiovascular, kidney and liver health.  Regular ear cleanings are needed to reduce the risk of ear infections, especially in dogs that are prone to these and dogs that spend lots of time swimming.

  • Joint Care

Joint support may be recommended to make your pet more comfortable if he is older, or as a preventative measure.  Joint supplements are especially required for larger breed dogs.

  • Diet

Proper nutrition is critical key to your pet living a longer, healthier life.